Trobar De Morte – Ouroboros

trobar de morte ouroboros

The Spanish band Trobar de Morte is well-known as one of the masters of medieval folk music in Europe. After four years they are returning to us with their 6th full-length album titled “Ouroboros”. The ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. It symbolizes self-reflexivity, introspection, or cyclicality. The entire album is filled up with mythological lyrics and symbols. There are many references to Norse mythology and legends. You can see this even in the titles of the tracks. Idunn and other gods invite you to this magical journey full of mystical melodies. Under Yggdrasil, which connects the nine worlds, you can meet the Wolf. How well  do you see? Is it Fenrir?
However „Ouroboros” is not only Nordic-inspired music. Have a look at the track „While the Field is Green”. It is clearly a Celtic melody. And by the way it is the most soft and blissful track on that album. When you listen to it, you feel pure joy, playfulness and maybe desire to dancing during the starry night or in the torrid sun.
This album was really worth of waiting, even such a long time. “Ouroboros” is  of an incredible stunning quality. It’s perfect in technically way, every tone is immaculately clear.
Every fan of Trobar De Morte (and not only) will be in love with this release. Beautiful, uplifting melodies, choral singing of Lady Morte and amazing sounds of typical for folk instruments like flute, hurdy gurdy, violin and bagpipes. Close your eyes. Believe and see. This vision, this mythological world is marvelous. You are around great, big, green trees full of ripe, fresh, red apples. This forest is so wild and georgeous. And have a look at this glistening in the sun snake. Do you hear the voice of the eternity? Do you see your destiny? Maybe this is only a dream?…
In several songs (like „Vision Dream”, „The Voice of Eternity” or “Ouroboros”) you can hear sounds similar to the legendary Dead Can Dance. It is a some kind of tribute to Lisa Gerrard and Bredan Perry. They pamber the listeners by so many unearthly, miraculous tracks. And Trobar de Morte made this tribute masterfully.
Moreover on this album you can hear cooperation with Fiona Frewert from  Faun and Victor Santal,  Celtic harp player. Attention should be paid to the cover of this album too. Beautiful graphic is the work of Victoria Frances, which art was the cover of the Omnia’s album “Naked Harp” too.
“Ouroboros” is the most amazing album of Trobar De Morte, it is better even than “Silver Wheel”, what seemed impossible. It is poetic, wonderful, beautiful and full of magic. So have a sit between the green fields of imagination and listen to how the beginning and the end of the world sound…

Released on 29/07/2016,Self-released

1. Summoning the Gods
2. Idunn
3. The Wolf
4. Yggdrasil
5. While the Field is Green
6. Vision Dream
7. The Mystic Path
8. In Laudem Bacchi
9. Destiny
10. The Voice of Eternity
11. Ouroboros
12. The Serpent
13. Völuspa: The Beginning and the End of the World


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