Toter Fisch-Yemaya

The decent pirate metal usually starts and ends on Scottish Alestorm. But those guys from Tours deny to this conception. And they too break the basic rule of young French bands first albums sounding like a shit with green flies on it. They started in 2010 and their current line-up has been the same since 2013.
This debut album does sound. There is nothing crappy in the sound engeenering to say about.
Vocals are naturally harsh and evil enough not too switch an album off. They do not pretend to be 5 % rum & cola alestorm vocal or Johny Depp in Pirates of Caribbean.
They do not rush and do not want to put everything into one track like other unexperienced bands. You will find some space and ambience among notes and good harmonies and emerging for some moments fragile melodies. Each of musicians has got his “minute” to show his skills.
The name of the band is good too.
Those guys are not jolly drunk with milkshake disneyland pirates with silicon swords and plastic legs like other bands. They are real shady looking individuals you would not like to meet in a tavern or to let your daughter meet them.
Generally the album astonishes with its matureness and a brutal approach to pirate metal. Toter Fisch are closer to Finsterforst and Eluveitie than to the makings stupid faces Scots. It is a real savage buccaneers abordaze on your ears.
I dare say Toter Fisch are the best pirate metal band in the world….so far.


Released on 18/03/2017

1. Prologue
2. Rise the Black Flag
3. Back to Nassau
4. Another Sunset
5. Waiting for the End
6. Maelstrum
7. The Legend
8. Mami Wata
9. Cursed
10. The Undead Crew
11. Dancing in the Fog
12. Epilogue

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