FolCore – Haeresis

This is the first album of Minsk – based band Folcore, formed in 2012. Although the name of the band may be associated to folcore , a new subgenre attempting redifing folk metal, there is fortunately not too much of it on this album. Instead ,you are bestowed with clean and harsh male vocals, goddess crystal voice of Elvira, mighty wind intruments and guitars somewhere between 1980s and present plus some loops. And it doen`t bother that some Krampus or Arkona or Rammstein can be heard at the moments. It rather enriches so full of melodies and with no weak parts release. This is an album you wil be eagerly replaying again and again. Undoubtly singing of Elwira and a sound of bagpipes are the strongest trumps of the band.
The song  number 5 : “Я скакала, плясала” is one of those songs a true folk metal maniac has always been waiting for. An unbelievable doze of emotions and a power of melody and harmony here could knock down rhinoceros or elephant. This should be an evergreen and a classic of folk metal.
Folcore can be boldly placed on the top of Eastern Europe folk metal style artists.


Released on Soundage Production, 09/02/2017

1. Роспач
2. Да зорак шлях
3. Призрачный мир
4. Хмаркі
5. Я скакала, плясала
6. Манкурт
7. Нам свеціць Сонца

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