Faun – Midgard

faun midgard

Welcome wanderers, welcome in the Midgard, one of the Nine Worlds, the kingdom of humans. The German pagan folk band Faun invites you in this amazing heathen journey.
„Midgard” is the 9th album of this artists. It is entirely dedicated to a Norse mythology, but you can hear there some melodies typical for celtic music too. Of course all lyrics are in German, as usual. But atmosphere is definitely Nordic and it’s not about the cold.
Already a short prologue shows that you are dealing with a work of art. From the very first seconds you feel Faun’s magic.
The entire album is stunning, but nobody has expected anything else, especially after their gratest album „Luna”. Faun is a leader of pagan folk and it is an incontestable fact.
The big advantage of „Midgard” is with no doubt a unique melody and characteristic for Faun  gorgeous flutes, which can put a spell even on the most demanding listener.
You can find here everything – from the soft delicate lyrical ballad like „Alba II” (new version of „Alba” from  the album „Eden”), through cheerful optimistic songs like „Sonnenreigen” or „Federkleid”, to the true epic and very beautiful tracks like „Odin”, the track recorded along with Wardruna. The effect is unquotable. You must hear it.
Splendor is added by a vast sumptuousness of folk instruments – Irish bouzouki, Nyckelharpa, Mandocello, Celtic Harp, Bagpipes, Harmonium, Hurdy-Gurdy, Cistern, Whistles, Tamborello, Riq, Berimbao. The songs pass harmoniously one after one, creating a single deliberate oneness. But this album is not just a mixture of words and sounds.
„Midgard” is like the sunrise over the green fields, somewhere in the valley, just as poetic, delicate and inspiring hope for the next day. The band plays masterfully with mysticism, magic, weaving the joy and fun. Thanks to that they create atmosphere open to interpretation and full of many emotions, feelings and views, which your mind will form. And this is unique.
You will see Aurora Borealis on the night of the north, meet Nordic Gods and the king of Scotland. How do you like this trip to the North?
This album is really something. It delights with musical medieval pagan folk sounds. Faun put their hearts and souls into this album and that’s why this is another great album of this German bards. Can it repeat the success of „Luna”? Certainly, „Midgard” deserves it.

Released on 19/08/2016, Universal Music

1. Midgard Prolog
2. Federkleid
3. Sonnenreigen (Lughnasad)
4. Alba II
5. Nacht Des Nordens
6. Macbeth
7. Gold und Seide
8. Brandan
9. Odin
10. Rabenballade
11. Lange Schatten


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