After Hörnerfest 2017

After before party in sunny Brussels we landed in rainy Hamburg on Friday morning with huge headaches and thirsty as we lost our battle with Belgian beers. We really wanted to eat real hamburgers in Hamburg but we had only Viener sausages for breakfast in some market somewhere off the downtown of the city. After taking two buses , two trains and a taxi we finally arrived to the Mudfest. It was said to start raining just the night before the fest and it stopped on Saturday morning. Undoubtely the boss of the festival Thomas Tegelhütter could pay to a weather shaman only for one day of a fine weather. Our magazine witch did not manage with raining either despite of her trying hard to make the rain go away. Unfortunately we missed The Moon and the Nightspirit, Nine Treasures and Drakum as we had to put up our tents and drink some purchased in Edeka store vodka to keep ourselves fit and healthy. This time warm vodka was a salvation.

Here is our hot 6 of Hoernerfest:

The best and the most passionate and sincerest performance of the festival. There was no superfluous courtship to the audience – just music. The Swedish started a bit nervously on account of some technical problems. But with every next song Fejd enraptured the audience with their great mergering Swedish trad intruments and melodies with metal stuff. Everything they were doing on stage was genuine and veritable. And the audience sensed it. It was one of the best shows I have seen in my life. That was a great music regale for music lovers.

The duckbills from Australia are really mental. Their show made people amused till tears. They looked like someone had made the Pirates of the Caribbean in 1978. Funny suits, make-up, hair and beard dressing plus yellow strings of Poon Goat`s bass guitar and plenty of rum and beer on stage and in front of it. Only a parrot and an old sailor with a wooden leg were missing to fullfil the picture. Everything very kitschy but the audience loved it. It will be no overstatement saying that Lagerstein are the best metal pirates of the Southern Hemisphere.

It is a shame to confess that I listened to them first time a week before Hoernerfest. The Irish folk punks from Munster, Germany exploded with energy and uncompromising melodic music from the areas of The Pogues or Dropkick Murphys. Both artists and the audience had a fun. They played most of their hits ending up with I hope They Sell Beer in Hell. Unfortunately we could not listen to our fav song The End of the World.

The most hard working like bees or ants band during the festival. They had five spectacles during all Saturday which was fortunately quite sunny. Four of them took place on a small stage surrounded by mud in the center of food and drinking place. The last one happened by the main stage where they were playing their medieval stuff to a Fireshow. Unfortunately Black Magic Fools played only acoustic stuff while they are really good at folk metal. Very big respect to the folks from the band for their shows.

We had tones of German sausages and fell in love with devouring them with an assist of beer of course. They are much more better than German bands and weather.

Skyclad is some sort of a legend. They are said to start folk metal. But Mr. Ramsay, the mastermind of the band did not admitted that. The show was not something really special. They are still stuck with their music in early 90s but time goes by however the reception of the audience was beyond expectation very good. So nothing to complain.

There were of course many more bands but we did not see them as we have seen them many times like Skalmold or Ensiferum so we preferred to socialize away from the stage or there were bands which were disappointing like Tanztwut or Heimataerde so we also chose to drink than to watch them.
All the festival was really good time, although there were some issues but who will give a fuck about that and unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Many great thanks to Thomas Tegelhütter, the mastermind of this event. Hopefully a weather will be better next year.


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