FolCore – Haeresis

This is the first album of Minsk – based band Folcore, formed in 2012. Although the name of the band may be associated to folcore , a new subgenre attempting redifing folk metal, there...

Alestorm – Mexico

The second video from the upcoming album of Alestorm “Not Grave but Sea” which is out on NapalmRecords on May 26. This time this is a true Alestorm. Video 7 Track 8

Midgards Path EU Tour 2017

Asgaardian Event presents a massive tour across Europe with the headliners like  folk/pagan metal Ymyrgar from Tunisia , folk/black metal Bucovina from Romania and pirates from Australia Lagerstein. Other artists who will take part...

Alestorm – Alestorm

The first video from the upcoming album of Scots ” No Grave but the Sea”. It will be published on May 26 by Napalm Records. Video 5 Track 5

Los – Jord

Los is a solo project of Søren Sol Koldsen-Zederkof from Danish Krauka. Video N/A Track 10

Na Cruithne – Bultúr Marú

The first real video ever of the Irish from Na Cruithne from their virgin album “Gáirm An Fháintais” which was released on 17 February 2017. Video 7 Track 8

Interview with Buso from Niburta

Bohen: Explain pls why you are using throat singing. Is this asian method typical for Hungarian folklore or it is just your creation you are decendents of the nomadic people from Asia? Buso: The...